CC Beans Coffee ingredients come from around the world and are hand selected for the finest quality. We take pride in supplying not only great tasting coffees at a fair price but we love our fundraising opportunities we offer people to use to raise money for their organization.

Our Cobble Creek Cafe’s are fun eclectic atmospheres, where you can sit and chill and dine on some freshly cooked meals. Our menu is as eclectic as our décor. What’s the most awesome part about Cobble Creek Café, our food is made fresh to order, BOOM…

We at very proud of our Quattro 709 Bistro. It’s a small 20 seat bistro, serving homemade entrees. We are a reservation only eatery, that concept allows us to assure the highest quality service and products for our customers.

Our coolest venture that ties all these other elements together into one roof is soon coming.


Quality and Excellence

Here at Cobble Creek Group, LLC, quality and excellence are terms we use everyday within our corporate structure and with our extended employee family. It is very important to us that you have a superior experience in enjoying our many products.

You will see The Pledge at the top of all our sites. Why, you may ask?

It’s our Pledge to you, our loyal customers that we try to provide you with a fun, clean atmosphere. Great customer service and incredibly tasting food, at a reasonable price.

That’s the Cobble Creek Group PLEDGE.


It wasn’t long ago we had a dream of adding a coffee line to our Cobble Creek Cafe brand. After years of research we finally found what we were looking for. A roaster with the same philosophy as us, a philosophy of providing the best quality products to their customers.

In 2016, the CC Beans Coffee line was launched and with huge success. It’s always scary launching new products. You can do taste test after taste test and have success within those small numbers, but once you launch to the mass of your everyday customers, you sit back and hope those customers will feel the same as you do about your product. We have been blessed that the customers feel the same and are making CC Beans Coffee a part of their everyday lives.

Cobble Creek Group, LLC was created by entrepreneurs, Bob Burns and Jason Jean, with their blue collar roots in mind. Their entrepreneurial spirits bring a combination of real estate investment backgrounds, and self-proclaimed chef experiences to ultimately build a unique national food service brand.

The Cobble Creek Café business model steams from other successful companies that Bob and Jason twisted a bit to fit the Cobble Creek Café brand. Any business needs the support of its community to be successful, building off that, Bob and Jason knew, if given the chance, people in the community would be eager to not only support a local business.

Their brand, Cobble Creek Café, has both brick & mortar locations and a standalone mobile division that all serve soups, salads, wraps, paninis, artisan pizzas, gourmet coffees and ice creams. Each location has a nautical/creek inspirational-themed concept; it’s fun colors and décor grants patrons a little relaxation, no matter where, or the season.

For us here at Quattro 709, we love our quaint atmosphere, it allows us to treat you like one should be treated on a beautful night out to eat.

Quattro 709 is a Bring Your Own Bottle, BYOB establishment. We do provide the basic mixers, but by all means are not mixologist.

We DO NOT sell any alcoholic beverages. The wine you see on the site is provided by local wineries for us to offer free tastings that would pair with the amazing meals we prepare.

We only allow online reservations. NO WALK INS will be permitted. Once you make your reservation, you will be called within 24 hours to confirm that reservation. If we DO NOT physically speak to someone to confirm, the reservation will be taken back out of the system for someone else to fill. With only 20 seats we need to make sure everyone is coming that says they are coming.  Thank you for understanding.

Our next venture will have us on the move and will be huge. We can’t wait for it to be a little further along to finally announce it. Keep checking back.

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Our commitment to quality and excellence is very important to us in any of our brands. Having you as our loyal customers and valuing your feedback, will allow us to continue on this successful path to supply you with some of the best products, nationwide.

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